Remedial Massage Perth

Remedial Massage Perth

Remedial massage is one of the many treatments available at Secret Glow Perth that aims to bring calmness and relaxation to the life of our clients. With training and qualifications, Secret Glow Owner and Director Airin also has extensive experience in remedial massage. It is a holistic treatment considered to be a very necessary indulgence for whole body wellbeing.

Commonly referred to as clinical massage, remedial massage is the treatment of soft tissue dysfunction. Its purpose is to rehabilitate, maintain and improve natural mobility in the body. Whether it’s for unwinding after a stressful week or speeding up the recovery of an injury, remedial massage is the best way to combat reduced mobility. It can work to treat a range of symptoms or conditions including muscular tension, neck or back pain, arthritis and stress. 


Our massage therapists are highly trained, and your physical comfort is their utmost priority.  If you experience any discomfort during your treatment, please let the therapist know immediately. Mild pain, headache and light bruising can sometimes be a normal post-treatment outcome. We recommend you refrain from drinking alcohol or having a shower three hours after your massage to allow your body to reach its natural equilibrium.

Stay Well

Massages are one of the best forms of preventative medicine. It will simultaneously eliminate the impact of the daily stress on your body and mind, aid muscle recovery and enhance your range of motion.

Our Remedial Massages in Perth

We suggest receiving remedial massage for a variety of different physical and mental benefits. Depending on the target area, the pressure applied can be strong and deep or gentle and shallow. Our Beauty Therapists work closely with clients to ensure the massage is always comfortable and targeting the correct area with the correct technique. Techniques range from trigger point massage to soft tissue release – The ideal remedial massage technique is established following a conversation around your needs and preferences.

There are many benefits, additional to treating injuries, that come with receiving a remedial massage. These include fewer headaches, better sleep and reduced stress and anxiety. Remedial massage will help you focus and concentrate better, and many clients also find increased energy after regular massages. The reduction of muscle tension is the purpose behind remedial massages and long-lasting results can be achieved through the correct technique.

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